Die Deutsche Wirtschaft at NRW.TV

26.06.2015 07:25:21

Early in June 2015 Gerd Kichniawy (CEO, gatc LP) visited 'Deutsche Wirtschaft TV' at NRW.TV. The circle discussed diverse topics surrounding the business location Düsseldorf and Gerd Kichniawy shared his knowledge about the trans-atlantic relationship and differences between the US and Germany.

gatc LP joined the discussion again, this time talking about succession. Gerd and Max Kichniawy (gatc LP) join Heinz Schmersal, and Hans-Jürgen Friedrich at Deutsche Wirtschaft TV broadcasted by NRW.TV. They talk SMEs, future opportunities and risks for the German economy and about the important topic of succession. The video also features statements by Günther Oettinger and Garrelt Duin, as well as a report about the "Entrepreneur of the Year"-award in Monaco.

The new format 'Im Dialog' ("In dialogue") of DDW-TV allows even deeper insights. In an individual interview Gerd Kichniawy could represent his views on economic policy, entrepreneurship and reform in Germany in a more extensive manner.

Clips: Location Düsseldorf (with Werner Dornscheidt, Arndt Hallmann, Brigitte Jordan, Gerd Kichniawy)
Part 1
Part 2

Clips: Future Mittelstand (with Heinz Schmersal, Hans-Jürgen Friedrich, Gerd und Max Kichniawy)
Part 1
Part 2

Clip: 'Im Dialog'

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