US Project Support

Demonstrate lasting presence.

You are already successful beyond the US and did identify attractive large-scale projects in America? Resources and local availability are required at all phases of a project. gatc LP helps assuring integrity, reputation, and sustainability of your US company with an American identity and constant availability. Make use of a complete US back office for project execution that you can call upon professionally and efficiently at all times.


Your benefits

A US subsidiary with gatc LP allows all project-related tasks to be completed on site. You can react quickly and professionally to changes and requirements.

Our extensive range of services can be adapted to the individual project needs and scope. We create the conditions for on-time-execution within budget.

Personnel and Administration
gatc LP can execute and control employee searches, hiring, and administration for industrial projects in the US.


The gatc LP support team is always available to help you out:   +1 770 493 9305