Operational efficiency for your strategic freedom

We provide expert advice and effective operational execution of US business processes. Our focus is on your company, your product, and your market. This comprehensive market orientation must permeate all areas of the company. When these principles are put into action, internally and externally, with the hearts and minds of all participants, many difficult problems practically solve themselves. This piece of wisdom is nothing new, but is often difficult to put into practice. Through intensive market observation and analysis, developing a clear position and improved market strategy, we support you in solving problems of all kinds. This also ensures that new problem situations don't occur in the first place.

The principle of "cost-sharing"

The use of our portfolio of services is based on the principle of cost-sharing. You pay only the costs of the services that are actually provided, and benefit from synergy effects. This means substantial potential savings in comparison with the conventional structure and operational management of a self-managed US subsidiary. We continuously adjust our resources to match the current need for services, providing guaranteed consistent quality. Lower costs, high flexibility, and high efficiency are the result. We've got your back.

Our principles and values

Our success is built on values and principles rooted in ethical understanding, rational thought processes, and practical insights. They are the foundation of our company's identity and characterize our professional and interpersonal approach.

'We are you in the USA'
We represent your interests in the American market and act responsibly in your name and in your interest. We regularly monitor our procedures and decisions to see if they can be optimized. We have one goal: your success in the US!

Promoting success and growth

We measure our success by the results and sustainable growth of our customers in the US. We represent and advice you in all aspects of commercial business in order to efficiently reach the goals that you set.

Comprehensive market orientation
We provide you and your market just what it needs at all times.With gatc LP it is possible to have a high degree of flexibility in order to minimize the response time to acute market needs and opportunities.Our market-oriented approach pursues one goal:to give the market what it demands.We track facts as they are, and not as one would like them to be.

Loyalty is very important to us. This means that we do not enter into contracts with companies that are in direct competition with our existing customers.


All strategies and actions planned in the US are implemented in continuous dialog with our customers. Clear processes, unlimited availability, regular monitoring, and informative reporting provide the necessary transparency in every phase.

We place great value on trustworthy cooperation as partners. Your independence is always guaranteed. You can terminate the working relationship with gatc LP at any time, with no penalties. We see our reliability toward our customers and their market as a key factor that produces trust and successful cooperation.

In order to demonstrate seriousness and dedication to the US market, a local presence is indispensable. With your own US company within the gatc LP infrastructure, you lay the founcation for sustained success in the US and are protected against the most common errors that foreign companies make in the US.


The gatc LP support team is always available to help you out:   +1 770 493 9305