Facts & Figures

The largest domestic market in the world.

The United States of America is the most open, innovative, and competitive economic region in the world. To get an idea of the size of the market, consider a comparison with the European Union, which has about 60% greater population but nearly exactly the same GDP. The United States is thus the economic equivalent of a continent rather than just a single country. Recently the US has also become the world's largest oil producer, thanks to new technologies. A trend that has persisted for years and has enormous potential for foreign companies is known as "reshoring," which means re-establishing production location in one's own country.

Facts & Figures

- 9.7 million km2 area
More than 318 million residents represent about 42% of the world consumer goods market
50 federal states with individual laws, rules and regulations
GDP: US$ 16.8 trillion (24% of gross world product)
- 6 time zones
Economic region: NAFTA (USA, Canada, Mexico)
Languages: English (82.1%); Spanish (10.7%); Indo-European (3.8%); Asian (2.7%)

Did you already know?

- The US registers more patent applications by far than any other country in the world.
- Of 227,000 patents issued by the US Patent Office in 2012, 52% went to foreign nationals, of which 11% were in Germany.
- In 2012, 34% of global research and development was done in the US.
- The top 6 most valuable brands in the world come from the US.
- About 500,000 new business startups are registered every month in the US.
- 11.5% of Americans are entrepreneurs; there are about 28 million small businesses, which employ 50% of the working population. 


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