Your US Partner for Success

Through our 30 years of activity in the US we successfully established more than 100 foreign Enterprises. Get to know more about who we are, how we function, and which unique advantages we can offer our clients through our innovative business model.
  • gatc LP - The US Experts

    We offer our customers uncomplicated, customized outsourcing-opportunities to grow and expand their US business.
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  • Philosophy

    Our customers present themselves as independent American companies at all times, which demonstrates dependability.
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  • Experience

    Let us protect you from the most common errors and stumbling blocks non-domestic companies might encounter in the US.
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  • Your Benefits

    gatc LP is the foundation for your success in the USA. Use our efficient infrastructure for your company's growth!
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  • Head Office Atlanta

    Atlanta, GA is a city with a global image and the economic and logistical centre of the southeastern United States.
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  • German Desk

    Do you really know the United States? We do! Save your time and money and contact our German-speaking US specialists.
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