gatc LP - The US Experts

Since 1983 the right choice for SMEs

gatc LP was founded in 1983 with the goal of helping small and medium-sized businesses enter the important US market more easily. With operative implementation of all commercial aspects of a fully functional US subsidiary, we enable our customers not only to be highly effective with lower costs, but also to be able to concentrate fully on sales in the US. Together we will build your US business or increase the growth of your existing US company. In addition to our portfolio of services, we provide a complete infrastructure and personnel for your US company that is ready to go right from the first day. We take on all of the necessary business functions and responsibility for the modern operation of your US company, which always remains your property and is controlled by you.

An unique BPO provider

gatc LP is a service provider for small and medium-sized businesses that not only provides theoretical mental work, but also implements it in operations. Step by step, we support market entry, expansion, or restructuring in the US. Our services cover everything you need for successful entry into the US market, or to grow your US company. It starts with founding a company, administration, warehousing and logistics, sales management, order processing, accounting, marketing and potential advertising steps. This allows our customers to concentrate fully on their key core tasks and strategic decisions.


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