USA Iceberg

Do you really know the USA?

Companies in the largest domestic market in the world face great challenges and unrecognized differences, which they can rarely solve on their own. Foreign companies are confronted daily with requirements that many fail to meet in the short and medium term. Experience shows that in many cases the overseas business does not provide the desired sales and profitability after 2 to 3 years.

Reasons for these developments are frequently:

 Unprofessional approach
 Underestimating risks and start-up costs
 Excessive trust and naivety in contract negotiations
 Overestimation of sales activities of sales representatives and distributors
 Excessive trust in American business partners
 Loss of market knowledge due to inability to monitor US personnel

An overseas engagement thus becomes more of a risky operation and the opportunities fade into the background. gatc LP has responded to these specific requirements for small and medium-sized export businesses, developing a flexible range of services that lays the groundwork for successful US business while simultaneously containing risks.


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