US Company Administration

Our experience for your company

We are committed to ensure a smooth and effective operational activity to enable you to advance your US business strategically. Naturally we advise you in short- and long-term considerations both before and after the start of your US operation. It is possible for us to develop and then implement US-specific strategies on our own. We could adapt your corporate philosophy to the US market for example. Active stewardship of your US subsidiary and staff doesn’t exclude monthly controlling and reporting. In addition we provide individual services like the direct acceptance and redirection of calls.

Consultation and support before, during and after launch

Management and monitoring of business processes

 Guaranteed efficient and smooth operations

Monthly review of results and reporting

Development and implementation of individually customized strategies

Adaptation of your company's philosophy to the US market

Compliance with relevant US business regulations

 Execution of all required government interactions, including management of appropriate documentation

Schedule coordination and processing of inquiries


The gatc LP support team is always available to help you out:   +1 770 493 9305