US Business Services

Solutions For Sustainable Market Penetration

gatc LP’s service offer is geared to the operative effectiveness of your daily US business by implementing BPO strategies. The extent of our services is fully scaleable and complies with the individual needs of your company. We efficiently navigate your subsidiary through daily routine and advise you, if need be, strategically.
  • US Company Set-Up

    We support the founding and set-up of your US company in every stage, providing a strong foundation for your business.
  • US Company Administration

    Our management team caters to your long term objectives, while protecting you against potentially dangerous surprises.
  • US Accounting & Bookkeeping

    Maintain a reliable overview of the situation of your US company through precise reports and revealing key figures.
  • US Marketing Support

    We help you to market your products in the United States. Together we can identify the best marketing opportunities.
  • US Order Processing

    Local service around the clock is highly prized in the US. With our infrastructure we reinforce your value proposition.
  • US Sales Management

    We build up your sales organization in a proper way. Only through meticulous service the US market can be secured.
  • US Human Resources

    We provide a proven team in the US and help you hiring your own qualified and experienced staff fitting in your company.
  • US Logistics Processing

    Our logistics-experts make sure that your products reach the customer in a secure, quick and straightforward manner.
  • US Warehousing

    We offer storage options for almost any products. Steady access to stock and frequent inventory controls are a given.
  • US Office Services & Facilities

    Fully equipped office spaces with reliable IT and communications systems grant perfect conditions to your subsidiary.
  • US Market Analysis

    Be prepared and apprehend the market through theoretical knowledge and practical experience.