Our strengths – to your benefit

One particularly great challenge which is often underestimated when dealing with foreign markets, is the problem of administration. Particularly in the US, the level of bureaucratic overhead and the sheer number of different laws and regulations represent a significant effort. This could imply immense costs for employees, rent for office and warehouse space, tax advisors, and much more. Build your US business on the existing framework of gatc's proven infrastructure. Our processes and internal procedures have been continuously adapted to the needs and behavior of the American market over the course of 30 years.

Synergy Effects

We have been active in various industries for over 30 years on behalf of our customers. During that time we have been able to gain valuable insights into various, sometimes highly specialized industries. We have also been able to build a high-end, vibrant US network that often helps us to realize synergistic effects for our customers.

Machinery & Equipment

- Automation engineering
- Plastics manufacturing
- Profiling machinery
- Automated polishing & grinding machinery
- Textile machinery
- Systems & equipment
- Packaging machinery
- Labeling systems
- Sorting systems (pharma, recycling, food products)
- Workholding technology
- Plastic shredding

Electrical Engineering & High-Tech

- Systems engineering
- CANbus components
- Automated ventilation systems
- Specialized lighting
- Inspection technology
- High-frequency technology
- Smart home systems
- Renewable energy
- Laser optics
- Automated parking & park assistance systems

Raw Materials, Metal & Plastic Processing

- Cast steel components
- Plastic pipes
- Electrochemical metal processing
- Specialty wires
- Toolmaking
- Screwdrivers & accessories

Medical Technology & Pharma

- Medical instruments for anesthetics and laparoscopic surgery
- Injection needles
- Middle ear prosthetics


- Adhesives
- Release agents
- Cleaning agents & cloths
- Wood floor coatings

Construction & Materials

- Systems engineering
- Construction machinery
- Building systems
- Structural facings
- Interior design
- Power plant engineering


- Body systems
- Inspection & measurement technology
- Electronic components
- Specialty tools

Transport & Logistics

- Loading equipment
- System solutions for liquids & chemicals

Consumer Goods & Retail

- Work and safety shoes
- Bathroom furnishings
- Lifestyle products

Clients about gatc LP

"As a long time client I would like to point out how much we appreciate the services and professionalism at gatc, especially during rough economic times like in the year 2009."

Zahi Tavori, CEO & Präsident - TIBA Parking LLC

"We have had an office now in the USA since 1990 and we probably made all the experiences and mistakes one could imagine. In 2009 we finally closed our own office. For the past 20 years operations have never been so efficient and reliable since we decided to work with gatc. Now, we not only save 20% in administrative and overhead costs, but have a trustworthy business partner that protects us from unforeseen surprises and provides ideal growth opportunities."

Stefan Leumann, CEO & Präsident - nolax Inc.