Your Benefits

One business partner - all necessary services

Since the gatc LP business model was introduced in 1983 in Atlanta, GA, a large number of entrepreneurs in various industries have used us as a partner to enter the US market and to efficiently and effectively manage their US companies. gatc LP has served them as a reliable business partner and growth accelerator.

Your benefits at a glance

 Full control of your US company
- Real-time reporting on weekly basis
- Cash-flow & expense control

- Modular business model
- Customized services
- Short decision-making process
- Easy entry and exit

Cost efficiency
- Simple cost structure
- Safe up to 40% in comparison to a 'self-managed' US subsidiary
- No initial investment in buildings, furnishings, infrastructure or staff personnel needed

Risk minimization
- Costs are fixed and predictable
- Long-term US business and market experience and knowledge
- Monthly reporting

Professional infrastructure from day one
- Fully equipped, modern office and warehouse spaces
- Immediate readiness
- Proven and efficient internal processes
- Experienced, multilingual US personnel already in place

- Quick reaction speed
- Sustainable professionalism with your own US company
- "Local-for-local"

Over 30 years of practical experience with operating US businesses
- Extensive US network, available for you
- Proven and successfull team

Clients about gatc LP

"As a long time client I would like to point out how much we appreciate the services and professionalism at gatc, especially during rough economic times like in the year 2009."

Zahi Tavori, CEO & Präsident - TIBA Parking LLC

"We have had an office now in the USA since 1990 and we probably made all the experiences and mistakes one could imagine. In 2009 we finally closed our own office. For the past 20 years operations have never been so efficient and reliable since we decided to work with gatc. Now, we not only save 20% in administrative and overhead costs, but have a trustworthy business partner that protects us from unforeseen surprises and provides ideal growth opportunities."

Stefan Leumann, CEO & Präsident - nolax Inc.