US Restructuring

Win back lost opportunities.

Are you already running an US company, but have problems with profitability, personnel, or other issues? Our goal is to get your company back on the track to success as quickly and efficiently as possible without compromising important services. As we smoothly integrate your existing US company into the gatc infrastructure, we ensure that all tasks that are critical to the market are covered and that your US business does not suffer a drop in sales. Due to our proven structures and synergy effects, we can capture cost potential immediately in order to get back on the road of success quickly and without complications.


Your benefits

Immediate readiness
Through market-oriented restructuring service from gatc LP, you don't have to give up important proceeds, nor do you lose valuable business contacts during a standstill.

Individual business units and the entire US subsidiary can be transferred directly into our commercial model framework. We mold the service and infrastructure to your needs, thus enabling fast reaction times with short communication paths.

Cost reduction
We can discover and capture immediate cost potential during the restructuring process and beyond. The essential substance of your US subsidiary remains intact at all times.

The flexible infrastructure at gatc LP allows all resources to be used to capacity during and after the crisis. We work in our customer's name and interest and maintain close partnership with the mother company at all times.


The gatc LP support team is always available to help you out:   +1 770 493 9305