US Company Set-Up

Your US subsidiary - quick and easy

gatc LP collaborates with longstanding legal partners to incorporate your subsidiary. Our specialists in Atlanta know German and US law, guaranteeing that your US branch is set up properly. We establish your business licence, your banking account and your tax number. Of course we are taking are of every other possible documentations as well. Furthermore we ensure a faultless IT- and Communications infrastructure to promote operational efficiency. If needed, we set up an individual operation manual for your US personnel. Our services include active staff management as well.

Professional consultation for establishing your US company

Complete set-up of your US identity, including business license, bank account, tax ID number, and the necessary insurance policies

Handling and administration of all necessary documentation

Providing of reliable IT and communications infrastructure

Guaranteed operational efficiency

Creation of an individual operations manual for detailed process planning


The gatc LP support team is always available to help you out:   +1 770 493 9305