US Logistics Processing

Nationwide, reliable and on time

We compile proforma invoices for export and import, operate article master data, and calculate purchase costs. Our further tasks include creating customs documents and support in customs processing, examination of freight documents (commercial invoices, liner waybills, airwaybill), inspection of forwarding invoices (freightages, entrance duties, administrative charges) and shipment tracking. Always keeping the optimization of costs in focus. Regarding warehousing our services cover reception of goods along quantity control and visual inspection, as well as product-specific storage of goods. Additionally we process commissioning,  packaging, shipping and handling of express deliveries, warehouse management, inventory control, replenishment and annual inventory.

Importing of goods

Optimization of transportation and logistics costs

Creation of proforma invoices for export and import

Material data maintenance

Creation of customs documents & support of customs processing

Estimation of landed costs

Checking of carrier invoices (freight costs, import duties, processing fees)

Checking of shipping documents (commercial invoices, bills of lading, air waybills)

  Tracking of shipments to your US subsidiary and to customers

 Coordination of incoming and outgoing goods


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