Lions-Regenbogen Golf-Trophy

19.06.2015 10:13:20

Last Friday (06/12) held the “Regenbogen”-Trophy, the 12th Lions Club Düsseldorf-Renaissance Golf Cup at Golf Club Grafenberg. Some Lions Clubs from Düsseldorf, with organizational directorship by LC Renaissance, keep this nice tradition of playing golf for a social cause. Thus more than 150,000 € were accumulated in 12 years. This year “Regenbogenland” gladly accepted the donation of 10,000 € as the sole beneficiary. Renaissance president Bernd Frye, Dirk Lindner and Gerd W. Kichniawy presented the donation to our patroness Dr. Geisel.

It was a special day for Lions Club Renaissance as well - marking its founding 20 years ago to the day.

Approximately 80 Golf enthusiasts enjoyed a sunny, happy, and sporty day while playing team building Florida Scramble. Thus a relaxed game without pressure was played, accompanied by Saitta catering.

Our sincere thanks go to Gerd W. Kichniawy who came up with the idea for the trophy and promoted it vigorously, but also to all the energetic backers at Lions Club Renaissance.

Last but not least many thanks to the team at Golf Club Grafenberg, Mr. Vollrath, and every hand that helped and to the restaurant grafengrün, which treated us to culinary delights after brilliant day.

The weather, the good atmosphere and the success of the individual teams were the cause for late celebrating and laughs. We already registered the first applications for next year.