gatc LP as an Incubator and Accelerator in the USA

24.02.2016 05:16:18

Due to the special challenges of the US market, new participants start from scratch. At gatc LP, we try to provide the perfect surroundings for such a new beginning, thus becoming an incubator for the US-business of our new clients. Incubators have the following objectives:
The promotion of business start-ups, support for young enterprises, improvement of growth prospects, increasing the survival rate and the promotion of regional structural change. In addition, the development of network structures and synergies, technology transfer between science and business, and between companies is supported. There is another emphasis on the creation of new high-quality jobs  and on the prevention of the exodus of qualified workers. gatc LP fulfills several key tasks of an incubator, by providing cheap and flexible rental space (office and warehouse), site selection, infrastructure facilities, as well as an reliable partner network. Linked to this is our service, which is not typical for incubators: Virtual Office, Logistics and Fulfillment, flexible back-office packages (from Accounting to Payroll through to market research), marketing assistance, or sales management.

Particulary, the virtual office offer provides customized solutions for companies that have taken the U.S. market into focus. Our office service allows efficient and inexpensive outsourcing.

Unlike incubators we do not "discriminate" any industries and have a extended range of expertise. After 30 years in the US market, we have helped companies from the most different industries achieve success in the US. Our service can be used by any company. 

Comparison with accelerators
The term business accelerators describes time-limited programs for young companies, that want to grow as much as possible as fast as possible. Accelerators are highly competitive and service is paid for with company shares. Therein lies a big difference as we charge normal fees like most other service providers. Furthermore, accelerator clients are fostered in groups, thus contradicting our philosophy of custom-made solutions.
Since gatc LP is offering project support in the U.S., it is familiar with time-limited operations. Still, our main focus is to establish long-time collaborations with our clients. Nonetheless, U.S.-business can develop rather sluggish, if at all, thus gatc can be the much needed accelerator for market growth in America. 

Both terms fail to describe gatc LP in their respective classical meanings. Nonetheless, our company shares attributes with both concepts. Our market-based approach for sustainable growth goes beyond their individual merits however.